Unique, Powerful and Productive

Sibec EMEA is a hosted buyer event with over 25 years of experience in the fitness market. Sibec EMEA takes place in an upscale venue away from the pressures of the office. It’s focused, productive and offers networking in both formal and relaxed environments to maximise every moment spent at the event.

A key component to a successful business is the ability to develop a network of industry partners – suppliers who can provide products that can serve the best interests of fitness and wellness facility owners, directors, and managers from throughout the region to be able to network and share best practices. Sibec creates the platform to foster these relationships – the event combines a forum of one-on-one meetings with great networking activities for the perfect combination to promote business relationships.

Sibec EMEA supplier showcase
Sibec EMEA One on One Meetings

One-On-One Meetings

Sibec EMEA brings together Europe and Middle East prestigious owners and operators of major fitness and wellness facilities to meet with key leading domestic and international suppliers to participate in a series of one-on-one meetings.

Throughout the event, attendees also meet fellow owners and operators as well as suppliers during meals, receptions and other planned networking activities. This fosters communication and cross-sharing of ideas, best practices and future business relationships. Both buyers and suppliers get to choose who they would like to meet with and are each given a schedule of meetings.

Sibec EMEA takes place in a high-end venue away from the pressures of the office allowing both buyers and suppliers to focus on the business at hand.

The Process

  • Buyers and suppliers will submit their company profile and contact details. Buyers' profiles will include details of projected spending budgets and other valuable market information. Both buyers and suppliers have the opportunity to select who they would like to meet with.
  • A customised meeting schedule is then drawn up for each company based on both buyer & vendor requests.
  • Each supplier is allocated a meeting table in a ballroom where all meetings take place over two days. Each meeting lasts 20 minutes.
  • There are a total of 16+ meetings over the two days.