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Access the agenda, buyer and supplier profiles, and real-time updates.


1.       ⬅Scan the QR code or click here to download the app.

2.       Enter the email address you used to register for the event. 

3.       Reg ID = FirstNameLastInitial 

          Note: minimum Reg ID is 5 characters. If your FirstNameLastInitial equals fewer than 5 characters, keep typing your last name until you reach the minimum. If you are having  trouble, contact us HERE.

          TIP: If you have used the Sibec app for a previous event, click on your account and then "switch event" or delete the app and reload it.

4.       Create a password and click Sign Up.

5.       You're in! Feel free to start exploring and connecting with people at the event.



IMPORTANT: This app will only be available for 30 days post event.


If you need help with the app, contact Carrie Harper

Exporting your contacts post show

A great feature of the Sibec app is connecting with others during the show and also downloading a file of your connections post show.

NOTE: You must use a computer, desktop, or laptop for this feature.

Download the desktop version of the app HERE

Instructions on downloading your csv of your Sibec EMEA contacts HERE.

Follow the instructions on your data downloads immediately for assurance of retaining all contacts for future reference.